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In April 2019 Musical Blockchain team (led by Gleb Divov) conducted a research using just published data from the Event Horizon Telescope as an input material and a source of inspiration for the Musical Blockchain.
Along with composed musical compositions and sound also there were created generative in-process visual snapshots of sonic analysis of a shadowed accretion disk of M87's supermassive behemoth shot by EHT.
One exclusive result (see the picture) was published on the KO Musical Blockchain page in the same April 2019.
Rest of the visuals and sonic results were archived and never published.

Presenting exclusive collection of our research results.

Collection consist of NFT and audioNFT mints randomly popping up at different platforms.

M87 process collection is a part of the Generativ3 collection set.

NFTs of the M87 process collection available with "buy now" option:
» Messier 87 black hole Sonic Process z0238rt
» Messier 87 black hole Sonic Process visual snapshots "s" collection
» AI-processed/color-shifted visual of Messier 87 black hole Sonic Process s9889vs

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